18.12.01 _MKF 623 C TS
Product News: MKF 623 C TS 01 DECEMBER 2018

The new Compact Millennial 2/3 GN oven is available on the market.
It is the MKF623CTS model, a professional 6 trays 2/3 GN touch screen  combi steam convection oven  that excels for the very high cooking performance and high management efficiency despite its compact size.
Just 50 cm wide, 68.5 cm deep and 70 cm high. The perfect combination of design and efficiency. A compact, quick, intuitive and easy oven. An essential tool for all those activities such as restaurants, deli,
snack bars that must combine all the technology of a cutting edge product with the confined spaces of the kitchen. Completely made of stainless steel, it has been designed and built to be exposed even in narrow spaces.
Its compact dimensions allow it to be positioned even on work surfaces only 700 mm deep. The MKF623CTS oven, like all the other ones from  the new top of the line Millennial range, offers catering professionals full control
in the operation of humidity for perfect cooking, thanks to the three new Airflowlogic, Humilogic and Drylogic technological patents. Millennial ovens are equipped with a standard multipoint core probe and can be connected
to the Wi-Fi network to download and manage the recipe book with 500 programmable recipes. The oven speaks more than 42 languages, a clear sign of the care for details put into the creation of this performing and versatile line.