The new electric steam oven, 
ideal for pizzas, focaccias, breads and leavened desserts.


Electric oven with steam available
with 1 tray 600x400 mm (Mod. MKF D1T) or with 2 trays 600x400 mm (Mod. MKF D2T).

The soles are made of refractory stone, a material capable 
of withstanding high temperatures
for long periods. 
The refractory stone has the property of accumulating heat, ensuring
the maintenance of the optimal temperature inside the cooking chamber.
This, in combination with the software automation that controls the combined
or alternate operation of the upper and 
lower heating elements, ensures greater energy savings.

Deck ovens reach 350°Coffering an ideal temperature range for cooking traditional products
such as 
bread, focaccia, pizza, tigelle, leavened desserts, chickpea porridge and much more.


Millennial Deck is equipped with a humidification system which,
in combination with 
the drying system and the extraction chimney, 
allows the user to manage the presence of steam,
ensuring excellent 
dough, golden and crispy,
but at the same time not dry at all.

An extremely versatile oven, combinable with other Millennial by Eka products,
many possible compositions 
to meet all production needs!