Touch Line

Developed by Tecnoeka, Touch Line technology is a farseeing projection towards a future characterized by eco-sustainability and optimization of resources, with the guarantee of achieving extremely high-level performance. These are ovens designed with touch controls, automatic flushing systems, condenser hoods, strong materials and the absolute guarantee of reliability for users.


In just three words: speed, intuition and simplicity.

  • Adjustable door hinges – handle catch: allow correct sealing by the door seal;
  • Magnetic microport switch
  • Readily serviceable door internal glass with integrated ‘drip tray’: book-type opening for easy cleaning
  • LED bar for cooking chamber lighting
  • Readily-serviceable air guard: book-type opening for easy cleaning of fans
  • Removable drip tray
  • Discharge of any grease from the cooking chamber floor
  • “Direct” discharge of cooking fumes/steam: extraction of any excess humidity from the cooking chamber by “forced” convection
  • Water entry double connection (normal and softened)
  • 5G 2.5 H07RN-F (Three-phase + N +T) power cable
  • Quick cooling of cooking chamber with 45°C cut-off
  • AUTOREVERSE: air distribution in the cooking chamber with automatic reversal of the fan sense of rotation
  • Pre-setting for the automatic flushing of the cooking chamber with 4 programmes: rinsing, quick, medium and long wash
  • Certified and internationally approved components
  • CB certification;
  • Protection against water: IPX5
  • 240 storable recipes (40 set by Tecnoeka, 200 user-settable)
  • Three possible baking modes:

AUTOMATIC: choice of baking from the pre-set recipes

MANUAL: new recipe creation by selecting the desired parameters on the Touch panel

SEMI-STATIC: allows motor activation only when the heating elements are operating. The fans operate for a few seconds, distributing the heat generated by the heating elements that level the temperature in the cooking chamber, achieving static operation.

  • Each cooking cycle can be divided into 9 phases for differentiated cooking
  • Selection of ventilation “low speed” activating the heating power reduction for slow cooking
  • DELTA T SYSTEM: Parallel control of the temperature in the chamber and core
  • Start-up timer with 23 hours and 59 minutes delay
  • Back-lit buttons for each available function
  • 13  languages (Italian-French-English-German-Spanish-Romanian-Polish-Bulgarian-Ukrainian-Russian-Turkish-Greek-Czech)
  • USB port to upload and download recipes and HACCP data
  • Direct control and contemporary management by the oven of hood, flushing system and prover
  • Self-diagnosis with fault warning